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Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

It is just a stigma and not a lifelong condition. Be brave with your child.

A fairly common misconception is that kids and adolescents are too young to experience true stress and mental health disorders, but that is just the myth. When one considers the definition of mental health issues, it becomes evident that it applies to all people, regardless of age or other factors; thus, mental health problems in children and adolescents do exist. It is better to treat the issues by visiting a child psychiatrist at an early age or else it can mold the personality of a child. 

Adult Psychiatry

To be healthy as a whole, mental wellness plays a role.

Workplace stress has become common for all adults with competitive life and ideologies. If you or someone around who is dealing with the effects of mental health disorders, it can be really difficult to find how to cope up with daily life or know what to do next. Understanding and taking the best treatment for mental illness is one of the  pre-eminent ways to start. 
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A healthy mind signifies a healthy body.

Some people would like to talk about what is bothering them from inside, or those who need some emotional support with their current life scenario. At Synapse Mind Care, we give them confidential counseling where people talk about anything freely that is bothering them. They tell us that just talking things through help them to see their situation much more clearly.

Specialty Services

Communication makes you mentally fit.

We provide special assistance in Psychological Assessment & Testing Services, Psychosexual Issues, and Alcohol & Drug De-addiction (hyperlink to their respective pages with every service name). At Synapse Mind Care, we focus on offering a wide range of consistently high quality and up-to-date psychiatric and psychological care that allows us to improve the health of the communities we serve with compassion and sensitivity to the individual need of our parents and their families. 
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Are you having depression?

Let us help you with better assistance.